Superior alloy blends, shaped with our patented CNC bending process, micro grain refined and
dual extreme gradual tapered. The art and science of the responsible alternative to carbon fiber.

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Anvil Industries
SPIKE 800 Vibrocore™ Bar
SPIKE 800 Vibrocore™ Bar MSRP 99.90 US$ / 99.90 €
SPIKE 800 Race Bar
SPIKE 800 Race Bar MSRP 79.90 US$ / 79.90 €
SPIKE 777 FR Bearclaw Bar
SPIKE 777 FR Bearclaw Bar MSRP 99.00 US$ / 99.00 €
OOZY Trail 760 Vibrocore™ Bar
OOZY Trail 760 Vibrocore™ Bar MSRP 99.90 US$ / 99.90 €
OOZY Trail 760 Bar
OOZY Trail 760 Bar MSRP 74.90 US$ / 74.90 €
SPOON 785 Bar
SPOON 785 Bar MSRP 49.90 US$ / 49.90 €



Take the buzz out the bar.

Vibrocore™ is a proprietary, biodegradable, complex foam core of precisely controlled density. Injected into Spank Industries handlebars, it reduces the harmful vibrations which can lead hand-arm numbness and fatigue (HAVS), as well as arm-pump (CECS), while also increasing overall bar stiffness and fatigue life. Click here for the full insight to how it works.

CNC Bending

Computer controlled precision three dimensional bending.

SPANK went the extra mile in our handlebar production facility by investing in automated Three Dimensional CNC Bending machines, which offer better symmetry and consistency, and more importantly limit material structural damage during the bending process. During traditional bending processes, bars are mounted in multiple fixtures and bent using mandrels around several sets of radius tooling. Each time the bar is fixtured, symmetry tolerances open. Damage caused to competitors bars during this traditional harsh mandrel bending processes is difficult to measure or detect, leaving the rider at risk. Furthermore, the imprecise and rough process tends to leave wrinkles, bumps and marks on the surface of the bars which must be removed by heavy grinding. Of course this can lead to thickness inconsistencies often in the most critical areas. The precision of 3D CNC Bending in a single fixture allows SPANK to optimize further our designs where others must overbuild with buffer material, and to eliminate the heavy grinding process, making our bars lighter, stronger, and safer! SPANK has also taken extra work hardening steps to ensure the stem clamping area of the bar is uniformly cylindrical and true, and as tough as possible.

Dual XGT

Extreme gradual taper technology.

Dual Extreme Gradual Taper technology is a proprietary tube drawing process, afforded by SPANK‘s secret state of the art tooling. Dual XGT technology tapers our bars from the thickest area at the bar clamping zone, slowly and GRADUALLY through the bend zones, to the thinnest areas at the control zones...AND...back to thicker reinforced barend zones, or “Impact Ends”. Tapers that occur over too short a distance, or with defined start/end points, create isolated stress zones where breaks can occur. SPANK has utilized FEA (Finite Element Analysis), laboratory, and rigorous real world testing to optimize the spread of material to where it is needed to withstand the specific forces at work in each zone, while offering better protection against crashes than ever before! The extreme precision enabled by Dual XGT drawing processes also eliminates the need for heavy hand grinding, with can result in imperfections and inconsistency in wall thickness, weakening bars.


Extreme gradual taper technology.

Extreme Gradual Taper bars were designed to taper GRADUALLY and CONTINUOUSLY from reinforced wall thicknesses at the stem clamping zone, all the way to the barends. This lack of stress risers, which are normally present in tapered handlebars, allows energy to dissipate unimpeded through a gradual tapering within the inner core, leading to improved strength and fatigue life, and better dampening of hard hits and chatter. To the rider, this means enhanced confidence and control, and less hand, wrist, and forearm pain! Similarly to SPANK’s Dual XGT technology, and especially when paired with 3D CNC Bending, XGT tapers offer extreme precision in the drawing process, allowing us to optimize weights by eliminating buffer material, and reduce the need for heavy grinding processes that create thickness inconsistencies.


Micro grain refinement processed alloys.

Micro Grain Refinement - Processes such as extrusion, forging and tube drawing can increase the strength of alloy materials by reducing the grain size. SPANK uses state of the art proprietary metal forming methods which further improve grain size consistency and orientation, and significantly reduce grain size beyond that of our competitors. No other bars or rims are subjected to the number of drawing steps or level of refinement as those offered by SPANK. This leads to greater ultimate strength, toughness, and ductility ... meaning confidence, comfort and safety.

Super-6 Alloy

SPANK proprietary blended enriched alloy.

Super-6 Aluminum is a specially blended, highly magnesium-silicon enriched, work hardened alloy. Super-6 offers the perfect mix of hardness, yield, fatigue life, and a superior ultimate tensile strength to standard 6 series alloys. It is ideal for the creation of thin walled, super stiff handlebars. Through recent adoption of Super-6 materials, SPANK’s SPIKE, SUBROSA, and OOZY handlebars are now stronger, and show greater resistance to deformation than ever before!